Thursday, June 9, 2011

And the winner is...

So I went to Son's graduation yesterday prepared for a deluge:

After all,it doesn't take a lot to get me going. I once cried watching a McDonald's commercial.

The entries ranged from a low of 5 (Peter) to a high of 2,650,000 (Gae - It felt like that much emotion, but would have needed a much bigger handbag for all those tissues!)

I think the number would have been much higher, if Son's speech hadn't been so darn FUNNY. I was laughing and crying at the same time! See for yourself. I think the kid has a future onstage. As Mr. Oncale, one of his amazing and influential teachers at Winston, said when giving him one of the drama awards, "He's always played old people but very, very well."

I ended up sobbing and laughing my way through a grand total of SEVEN tissues.

And so...*drum roll* the winner of the OMG WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE GUESS THE TISSUE CONTEST, with the closest guess of SIX tissues, is SHARI GREEN!

EDITED: I checked the entries on FB and this blog but forgot that Aurora M was having blogger issues and Tweeted me her entry of 7, which was SPOT ON! So I will send out not just one, but TWO copies of Life, After!

Congratulations Shari AND Aurora!! DM me on Facebook with your snail mail address and your signed copy of LIFE, AFTER will be on its way. I promise NOT to send you the soggy tissues as a souvenir.


    I am not sour grapes or anything and I am so glad you got to enjoy your baby boy at his best BUT....
    I had 7 tissues dead on....yippee
    (my entry)
    @SarahDarerLitt Love your tissue guess giveaway. Your site freezes so my guess is 7 tissues. Be proud and smile through those tears. xo

    6 Jun via web
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    SarahDarerLitt Sarah Darer Littman
    @scarletredwill I will put your guess down. Not sure why blogger freezing- you're second person who said that!
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    I guess my guess got lost along the way :(

  2. OMG! My bad bad! I checked my FB and the blog, but I forgot to check Twitter. Bad Sarah!!! I will send you a copy too. DM me your snail addy. So Sorry!!!!

  3. oops! haha
    Thanks for the book. My addy has been sent. Whats next for the young man?
    have a great afterglow kinda day :)

  4. The books are in the mail :-) Next the young man is off to Europe to visit his Granny, who is taking him on a graduation trip to Berlin. I AM SO JEALOUS!! I LOVE BERLIN!! When he comes home, he has to get his drivers license, which he has been putting off - not that I've totally complained, because it's saved me a fortune in insurance. But I told him he has to do it before he goes to college. And then...sniff in the fall!